A Bikini for Every Body Shape

A Bikini for Every Body Shape

While getting to the pool and beach is easy, shopping for the perfect swimwear is a little bit more difficult. Are you looking for that bathing suit that is able to minimize small imperfections and highlight your beauty strengths? 

Here is the ultimate guide to help you find out which swimsuit is right for your body!

5 girls with different body shapes in bikini

Small Bust

Finding a bikini that flatters your chest can be challenging with a small bust. Luckily for you, there is no shortage of padded swimsuits. If you are like me and don't want to spend the day sweating, the perfect solution is swimsuits with bows or flounces which will add to your chest. Other swimsuit options are halter top bikinis (which will give you a non surgical boob job) and scoop neck bikini tops!

 Brown polka sports bra style V neck line

Apple Shaped Body

The trick to finding the perfect swimwear for you is to emphasize your best features and balance your body shape. For apple shaped bodies, you should aim to highlight your chest. Look for high neck bikini tops and halter top bikinis that will make your torso look longer (and make you feel EXTRA sexy and confident!) . 

Swim’in G Tip: If you are looking to minimize your midsection, experiment with color blocking by wearing dark color bottoms for a color blocking effect.

3 girls in blu ocean bikini in different style for different body shapes

Hourglass Body

If you have round hips, a smaller waist, and a full bust, you have an hourglass body! Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyonce have dressing for their shape down to a science- and now you can too! 

Support your bust with underwire bikini tops or triangle bikini tops with thicker bands. Avoid wearing strapless bikini tops because they will not show off your beautiful curves. For bikini bottoms, show off your cheeks with string bikini bottoms

All types of rises for bikini bottoms such as high rise bikini bottoms and regular rise bikini bottoms will flatter your curves.. If you want to add length to your legs, you can also wear high waisted cheeky bikini bottoms or simply a high leg cut bikini bottom!

Girl with printed High Waisted cheeky bikini

Large Bust

For girls with a large bust, finding a bikini with support is key, but that does not mean you have to sacrifice sexy for support! Pro tip: The thicker the strap, the more support for your swimsuit. 

The best bikini tops for your body type are tie front bikini tops, triangle bikini tops, and halter top bikinis. But if you are looking to minimize the focus on your chest, avoid swimsuits with ruffles or embellishments. Any bottoms work for girls with large busts, but we recommend any cheeky bikini bottom!

White bandeau style top

Rectangular Body

If your waist and bust are about the same width, you have a rectangular body. The rectangle body is perfect for all swimwear and lucky for you the options are endless. The best swimwear for your shape are bandeau bikini tops, T-shirt style bikini tops, and tie front bikini tops. 

Don’t be afraid of wearing bikini tops with ruffles, patterns, and padding to draw attention to your upper body! You can also show some skin with a string bikini top and high cut cheeky bikini bottoms.

 Brunette girls with Burnt orange adjustable bikini bottom

Short Torsos

For short girls, when choosing swimwear you should try to draw attention to your upper body. High neck bikini tops and halter tops bikinis will draw attention to your upper body. In addition, customizable string bikini tops will hug your body in ALL the right places! For bikini bottoms, girls with short torsos should look for low-rise bikini bottoms which will  make your torso look extra long! 

Printed bikini halter top

Broad Shoulders

While strapless/bandeau bikini tops are fashionable, the style of them is not made for broad shoulders. To balance out your shoulders, solid colors are your new best friend!  The best swimsuit style for you are underwire bikini tops and halter top bikinis.

Short Legs

Creating the illusion of long legs will make you look taller and highlight the shape of your body. If you want to accentuate your legs, showing more skin is ESSENTIAL and easy to do with high rise cheeky bikini bottoms and high waisted cheeky bikini bottoms

For bikini tops, V neck bikini tops will elongate your entire body. Also, one piece suits will bring your waistline up which will add inches to your legs instantly.

Have you found your ideal swimsuit?

Our mission is to make you feel confident in the swimsuit you are wearing, and taking that confidence with you on every adventure life takes you on, all while keeping it eco-friendly. You no longer have to sacrifice one or the other- do good for the planet and experience the benefits of Swim’in G swimwear. 

Don’t forget to use our guide when shopping! Knowing your body type can do wonders for your figure to help you feel CONFIDENT & COMFORTABLE. Swim with us and you’ll feel and look beautifully you!

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