Bikini Care

Bikini Care

Make your swimwear last longer, with an eco-conscious mindset

Treating your Swim’in G bikini with love and care is key for a long lasting swimmie! Taking care of your swimwear the right way will also allow you to have minimal impact on our ocean. Although they are made of ECONYL® regenerated Nylon, it doesn’t take away from the fact that washing something made from synthetics sheds tiny pieces of plastic called microfibers that end up lingering around Mama Earth.

Being environmentally-conscious and doing our part while caring for your swimsuit is very important to the Swim’in G fam and to Mama Earth, so we’ve put together some tips and tricks on how to care for your swimmie with extra lovin’.


The best ways to wash your swimsuit! Do’s and Don'ts

The Wash’in G Part

+ Hand wash in cold water – this reduces the amount of microfibers shed

+ If using a washing machine, we recommend using the Guppyfriend Washing

Bag which collects microfibers from entering the water

+ Spot cleaning – if your swimmie just has a lil corner that needs some cleaning,

even better! Only target that one spot with an eco-friendly, biodegradable soap

The Dry’in G Part

+ Dry flat or hang dry in shade

+ Certainly do not use the dryer! That would ruin the fabric which would lose

elasticity. Also, let’s do our part, avoid those greenhouse emissions,

and just let nature do its thing.


• do not tumble dry, dry clean, iron, or bleach

• throw around

 • leave crumbled or wrinkles 

• leave rolled up and wet
• rub on rough surfaces (ex: pool interiors) because this will cause shagging and pilling


    G’s Secret for a lifelong swimsuit

    We like to rinse our swimmies with an environmentally friendly, biodegradable hair conditioner. Yes, you heard right. G has been doing this for years and her swimsuits stay extra soft and have lasted her the longest. After spending the day in the sun and salty water, your swimmie needs lovin’ just like your hair does. 

    To reduce waste: while you’re waiting in the shower with your conditioner in your hair, step aside, turn on the cold water, and use the excess conditioner to wash your swimmies. We like to call this multipurpose multitasking.

    *DISCLAIMER: this has been working for G for years, but it does not mean it works for everyone. It is very important to be using the right conditioner preferably a biodegradable, eco-friendly one. We are NOT responsible for any damages done by this process*
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