Our goal is to be in a constant state of growth, not just within, but also with our community. Part of “growing” is simply being better than you were the day before. We aren’t perfect in everything we do, we haven’t “perfected” our environmental impact, but we are striving to take every step we can in this moment to be better… for ourselves, for you, and for Mama Earth

Our Materials

• We provide eco-friendly paper hygiene liners instead of plastic

• All of our printed styles, are printed with eco-ink and using sustainable fabric:

CARVICO VITA:These are used for all printed fabrics. They are created using sustainable techno-fabric, made of a ECONYL® regenerated Nylon that turns waste problems into fashion

COMPOSITION: 78% Recycled PA, 22% EA

RENEW FOLK: All of our white fabrics are made of this ECONYL®, a regenerated polyamide yarn from pre-and post-consumer waste materials, producing an elegant and functional glossy, ribbed structure

COMPOSITION: 90% Recycled PA, 10% EA

RENEW SHINE: Our orange and blue bikinis are made of ECONYL®, a regenerated polyamide yarn from pre-and post-consumer waste materials.

COMPOSITION: 82% Recycled PA, 18% EA


All of our swimmies are made in Bali, Indonesia with an ocean of love at an ethically certified factory. From every bikini bought, our factory donates to grassroots organizations that support the environment, women’s access to education and those in need. We donate proceeds to ROLE Foundation and BALI WISE.

10 cents per bikini produced is donated to ROLE Foundation.

In efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, we are working on producing locally in Miami, and finding a factory that meet all of our needs and standards. 


All of our packaging is chosen and conducted with the well-being of Mama Earth in mind. 


• Mailers:

Our mailers are made from 100% recycled materials, recyclable, & biodegradable. Made in the USA!

• Love Letters:

With each purchase you receive a love letter from G with a message to be passed on. By doing this, we encourage spreading a positive vibe all around your community. This is our way of inviting you to grow with us, get out of your comfort zone, and be awesome. 

Not trash. Pass it on.


• Seed Paper Flyers:

Our one and only flyer that comes inside your package is actually handmade seed paper infused with wildflowers. Plant it in your garden and watch it grow! This seed paper is made from 100% recycled ingredients. It is bio-degradable, non-invasive and non-GMA seeds, and there are no dyes or chemicals used in production. Made in the USA.

• Cotton Mesh Bags:

In every package, you receive your swimmies bundled up in a Swim’in G cotton mesh bag.

Our favorite ways to reuse them:

- for storing your swimmies or other belongings

- Travel plans

- Picking up trash you find 

- Air drying your swimmie


We offer carbon neutral shipping.