Products & Sizing Faq

How can I find the right size for me?

We offer a detailed Fit Guide with tips and tricks to help you find the perfect swimmie. If you need further assistance, hit us up on our chat or contact page and one of our bikini experts will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Is there somewhere I can go to try on a Swim’in G swimmie?

We are a fully online store which is why we have done our best to create the perfect Fit Guide page that will have you feeling like you’re already swimming in us. We also do our best to be here for any fit questions you may have. 

We occasionally host Pop-Up shops worldwide, but you can mostly find us in Miami. If you want to meet us in person and have a feel for yourself, stay up to date through our email subscription and social media pages. Check out our IG page to stay in the loop and see what the fam is up to. 

 What bikini top is the best for small busts?

Our all-time favorites for smaller busts:

  1. Lisbel Top: sporty & perks
  2. Nina & Alexa Top: sexy & lifts
  3. Jordan Top: flattering & lifts
  4. Amanda Top: let's be real, she's a natural boob job
  5. Juani Top: trendy & cute
  6. Chichi Top: ft. adjustable & removable shoulder straps that add a lift

Check out the deets on our Fit Guide page.

What bikini top is the best for fuller busts?

Our all-time favorites for fuller busts:

  1. Daisy Top: completely customizable, so looks amazing for every bust size depending on the way you want to wear it. Our top choice for big boobies.
  2. Nina & Alexa Top: sexy & supportive
  3. Jordan Top: halter style & ultimate support
  4. Isabella Top: offers enough coverage for no nip slips & fully adjustable

Check out the deets on our Fit Guide page

How do I care for my Swim’in G swimmie?

To keep your Swim’in G bikini in the best shape possible, follow our care instructions below:

  • Firstly, treat with love and care and your swimmie will last you a lifetime.
  • Hand wash cold. Our little secret to washing our swimmies: we like to rinse our swimmies with an environmentally friendly hair conditioner. G has been doing this for years and her swimsuits stay extra soft and have lasted her the longest. 
  • Dry flat or hang dry in the shade… sometimes we like to hang on a branch and let nature do its thing.
  • Although most of our styles are chlorine resistant, we strongly encourage you to wash immediately after use for extra-long life. 
  • Most of our styles are also sunscreen resistant, however we still recommend washing immediately after use. Certain tanning oils and fake tanning products can stain your Swim’in G.

(to make sure the bikini you’re choosing is chlorine and sunscreen resistant, please check the fabric details on each product page)



  • do not tumble dry, dry clean, iron, or bleach
  • throw around
  • leave crumbled or wrinkles
  • leave rolled up and wet
  • rub on rough surfaces (ex: pool interiors) because this will cause shagging and pilling.